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MSP Association Professionals

MSP Association Mission

The MSPA has a mission to promote, protect, educate and advance Managed Service Providers throughout the United States and the world. We provide benefits, marketing training, information on new technologies, networking opportunities, education and government representation to Solo MSP’s, MSP’s, MSSP’s, suppliers, and other industry service professionals. We also recognize leaders in the industry with awards and recognition. More than 2,800 members currently call the Managed Service Provider Association home, with more joining every day.

Managed Services Standards

Additionally, the MSP Associations is proud of its development for MSP and MSSP standards of technical and operational best practices for its members and the industry as a whole.  The Standards for MSP’s was created over a decade ago in response to the need for trust in MSPs for the business community. Seeing the need for every MSP to become an MSSP in the near future we are working with our security vendors and MSP’s to deliver and train better standards for cyber security, intrusion detection, and protection from data loss.

Managed Services Education

The MSP Association conducts educational programs for its members. Our most popular are our free Cyber Security Seminars and cyber alerts. Secondly most of our members are part of our MSP Marketing and coaching programs. These programs can include coaching, marketing training, templates, business development, sales training, seminars, website development with advanced closing techniques, PPC management, and SEO/SEM as well.

In the 4th quarter of 2018 we have also added compliance training for HIPAA, ISO, Identity Theft Protection, HECAT, and HECVAT.

We also provide a plethra of benefits to all of our members.

Channel and Vendor Partners

The MSP Association also works closely with respected software and hardware vendors. We help certify their products and advance the knowledge of new technologies and training on how to use these devices and software to our MSP members. The MSPA and its subsidiary the MSSPA  helps to bridge the gap between vendors and service providers. Helping MSP’s to not only delivery of highly valuable products and solutions but also help in the sales and marketing process as well.

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